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You are traveling with your camper and you need assistance?
Near Pavia and Milan, Camper Assistance for over 30 years offering a full range of services: Technical assistance, garaging, Camper Rental and Sale, Accessories, Installation and repair of various brands, washing means and workshop for assistance Cell. Camper Assistance is on hand to carry out targeted and intervene at the last minute will not miss a moment of the holiday. And for all the campers Camper Service for free.
STORAGE : 5000 square meters for the reception of boats, caravans, caravans and campers. All seats are covered, guarded, with double gate, dual alarms, and day and night surveillance.
REPAIR : from the simple control to the installation of more sophisticated equipment. The examination of a technician is very important because it can detect abnormalities apparently nonexistent. Small repairs executed at the right time can prevent more serious damage to the camper and inconvenience to passengers.
RENTAL : Camper top brands all have verandas, bike rack, car radio with CD player, volumetric alarm and perimeter, cable kit for electricity, water pipe, leveling wedges and cleaning kit.
WASHING : the general cleaning of the camper is essential at least twice a year, in particular in order to clean the roof and remove the unsightly black stripes. Besides the classic exterior cleaning can also be carried on sanitation service and the cell sanitation.

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