PaviaTourism, the tourist circuit in registered trademark of the Province of Pavia for living it with the "five senses"
We have traced 13 theme routes, creating and suggesting themes at each stop or specifically chosen detour. About 100 municipalities affected, over 200 places to discover, a growing network of local companies for catering, accommodation and purchase of products and services.
Paviacard, the card to be recognized in the companies of the circuit and in the places of visit agreement. With Paviacard you can get discounts. Even Paviacard is a product trademark.
ViaggiaPavia, free app for iOS and Android devices to move freely on the itineraries in search of places to visit and the companies of the circuit, all accurately geolocalized to be guided by your navigation system.


It is the discount card that can be used across the Province, available in formulas: Weekend, Weekly and Monthly.It allows you to have as DISCOUNTS and BENEFITS: reduced entry to museums, transport, restaurants, hotels, B &B, farms and shops. It is very simple to use:
1)tI is very simple to use: choose the right Pavia Card, at your convenience and the members of your family or group of friends.
2)purchase the card online, print the pdf file, download ViaggiaPavia. You will receive the card at home in about 7 days, or purchase the virtual version Note that you can also purchase it directly from our partners.
3)Start saving now!
  • PaviaCard Weekend
    Validity from your first purchase, ideal for a 3 day break.
  • PaviaCard Weekly
    Validity 7 days from your first purchase, recommended to live a full experience of the Pavese territory.
  • Paviacard Monthly
    PaviaCard Monthly Validity 30 days from your first purchase: suitable for a greater length of permanence amongst the territory and its residents.


Find in our three categories the activities linked to the PaviaTourism circuit, useful to enjoy our wonderful territory. Remember to show your PaviaCard. Our partners will best welcome you even with discounts on services and/or products


PaviaTourism and Paviacard on your mobile phone, on your journey to discover our places and take with you the information and services. Discover the itineraries, a brief history of the various countries crossed and let yourself be guided by a simple click to the closest hotel or restaurant, or to the producer of local products that most attracts you. Buy and activate the virtual card directly from the app. After completing the payment in a few seconds PaviaCard will be available on your phone or tablet.
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