On the other side of the river Po: the Oltrepo’
On the other side of the river Po: the Oltrepo’
The tour takes place in hilly and mountainous areas of 'Oltrepo Pavese. We start from Voghera whose first settlements date back to the Neolithic period. We move to Retorbido, whose first records appear in the Middle Ages, although it is believed that since humanistic Retorbido corresponds to the ancient Ligurian city of Litubium cited a passage from Livy with Clastidium (current Casteggio). If we have with us we can use the bike for a nice walk from Retorbido in Voghera or Salice Terme along the cycle path built on the seat of the electric railway Voghera - Varzi. We arrive in Rivanazzano whose origins date back to 1006. On the hill there is the Nazzano castle. Today Rivanazzano is home to a spa. Since we continue to Varzi Rivanazzano Terme Salice Terme to achieve. Initially, the spa town was referred to as the "locum salis", then became Sales, indicating the presence of a source from which water flows thermal salsobromoiodic. We arrive in Varzi probable origin of Ligurian known from 993, when it was possession of the abbey of San Colombano of Bobbio and where they produce the famous salami. We go up to the mountain and pass by Santa Margherita di Staffora Brallo of Pregola Menconico, Romagnese, all territories inhabited in prehistoric times and then passed in the possessions of the Abbey of San Colombano of Bobbio, founded by St. Colombano in 614. Then arrive in Zavattarello , an ancient fief of the Abbey of San Colombano of Bobbio and whose name derives from prevailing in the village over the centuries: that of the cobbler. We return to Voghera down from Valverde where is the important castle of Green. From here we turn off towards Fortunago, now ranked one of the most beautiful villages in Italy and continue to Montesegale, under the dominion of Pavia in 1219 by Frederick II. Then descend to Godiasco to resume the road to Voghera or go back to Rocca Susella whose name, by the Ligurian origins in the Middle Ages was said Rocha de Axixellae.






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