The Godiasco Park and the surrounding area (Views 2823)

April 25, 2016: A cold day with a beautiful sun
We head towards Varzi and cross Godiasco. We look at the Staffora stream flowing to our right. After the town a descent brings us to a parking lot. Next to it a beautiful meadow full of daisies.
We leave the park and we are in a fresh meadow along the creek. Benches and children's games enrich this little-known public park. By a path we get to the river.
A Godiasco there are also beautiful landscapes that are seen climbing to small fractions starting from the largest San Desiderio. A narrow winding road up in the hills. From here in the valley of Montesegale, the discovery of an ancient source, then return to Godiasco crossing Rocca Susella. Many trails to walk and walk ... but that's enough, you discover these charming places of which we bring you some pictures. And to help you here's the map of the trail:




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