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Come on PaviaTourism circuit cakes and ice creams. Yes, a few days ago has entered into circuit the Gelateria and pastry Soave, Via Zanardi Bonfiglio, 1 in Voghera.
Since 1988 in Pavia in Via Ferrini 6 / B and 2011 and in Viale Partigiani 40 as SOTTOZERO. Confectionery Ice cream A Voghera the Yogurt SOAVE proposes both the traditional ice cream parfaits, granitas, smoothies, hot chocolate, pastries, Sicilian regional pastries, Neapolitan and Sardinian.
But there's more. The confectionery also Ice cream coeliacs and diabetics can consume products designed on purpose for them.
And if we have with us our four-legged friend does not have to worry: Soave has also thought of them with many tastes specially designed for our trusty dogs.
We just have to leave for Voghera and enjoy a fresh ice cream and then, maybe you saw, we can take a walk on the Greenway, the beautiful pedestrian trail that leads up to Voghera Salice Terme along the route of the old railway Voghera - Varzi: immersed in the Vogherese campaign to run then at the foot of the hills watching the dense vineyards and finally walk along the last stretch the stream Staffora.
We expect you to live this great experience starting with a tasty ice cream (or a sweet temptation)

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