Giorgio La Pira Mayor of Peace (Views 3530)

50 years after the adventurous trip by Giorgio La Pira in Vietnam, Mario Primicerio, Chairman of the Foundation, who accompanied the Professor on the trip, "At World's End", published the travelogue of that historic expedition, telling in an essay l 'commitment for peace of the "holy mayor" in the sixties.
The book was presented at the exhibition in Pavia in Santa Maria Gualtieri, Piazza della Vittoria - Saturday, April 9, 2016 at 10.00. Besides Mario Primicerius, author of the book, famous people and of great stature such as Professor. Calchi Novati and Dr. Paul Vitale. Dr. Francesco Adenti introduced prof. Primicerio summarizing in 15 minutes the story of Giorgio la Pira. Interesting all interventions skillfully mediated by dr. Massimo Esposti.
Some excerpts from the book have been read during the presentation.
Over 60 of the audience who appreciated very much the words of welcome guest On Virginio Rognoni.

Also Paviatourims Partners with Biocooking-Pavia, Cascina Roglassa Sisters Flakes-Montescano, Winery Dario Ferrari and Alberto-Pietra de 'Giorgi Of Flower-Pavia, Agripavia-Pavia has supported the event.




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