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  • Ristorante Acquamatta
    Our premises, with spacious indoor and outdoor areas, are great for meetings and corporate events, which are essential for team building. Meetings ...
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  • N'Uovo Agriturismo
    The farm was just for fun, and offers a menu prepared by Chef Renata Laria, making simplicity the key point of the kitchen. They are reported to the a...
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  • GAL Lomellina
    Gal Lomellina (Local Action Group) is a company formed by public and private entities: 41 municipalities in the western Lomellina, the Province, and t...
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  • Gravellona Lomellina
    Archaeological finds provide evidence of the first settlements in the early Bronze Age, concurrent to the pre-Celtic civilisation of Golasecca. The to...
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  • Sartirana Lomellina
    Sartirana was first recorded in the 10th century as part of the Committee of Lomello and shortly afterwards as being assigned to the count palatine. I...
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  • San Giorgio di Lomellina
    San Giorgio probably sprang up as an outbuilding of the nearby Benedictine monastery, on the former locality of Monticello; San Giorgio, with its cast...
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  • Velezzo Lomellina
    Velezzo was once a very important religious centre. Before the 13th century, it was just a farmhouse, like Campalestro and Terno – all separate comm...
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  • valle Lomellina
    the name Valley is traced to the Latin "valium" ie fortitude, entrenchment, and it fits very well with the same geographic nomenclature of Lomellina, ...
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  • Olevano di Lomellina
    The archaeological finds made in 1892 near the Melegnana farmhouse and in Dosso di Francia and in 1903 in the Mortizza locality have brought to light ...
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