Spas & Nature
Spas & Nature
The itinerary covers the Oltrepò Pavese. We start from Voghera whose first settlements date back to the Neolithic After the visit we go to the city in Salice Terme. Initially, the spa town was referred to as the "locum salis", and then became Sales, indicating the presence of a source from which water flows thermal salsobromoiodic. After a relaxing day at the spa we head towards Nice Bridge where we turn to go up to the hermitage of St. Albert Butrio whose construction was begun by the St. Albert, perhaps the Malaspina family, who in 1030 went to live in solitude in the neighboring valley of Borrione. We head to Varzi probable origin of Ligurian known from 993, when it was possession of the abbey of St. Colombano of Bobbio and where we find the famous salami. Passing through the village of Pietragavina we arrive at Valverde, where there is the important castle of Green. We go straight to the Rocca Susella whose name, by the Ligurian origins in the Middle Ages was said Rocha de Axixellae and also Castrum Saxillae and then Rocha Saxillae before falling back to Retorbido, whose first records appear in the Middle Ages, although since humanistic Retorbido believes that corresponds to the ancient Ligurian city of Litubium cited a passage from Livy with Clastidium (current Casteggio). If we have with us we can use the bike for a nice walk from Retorbido in Voghera or Salice Terme along the cycle path built on the seat of the electric railway Voghera - Varzi. The construction of the runway is continuing to Rivanazzano Terme.






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