E dopo l'Autunno Pavese, Londra. (Views 2460)

after Autumn Pavese, two of the companies of the PaviaTourism circuit to win the UK. Thanks to the collaboration with Beacon, companies Monsupello and Maggi Francesco participated in Wine Testing organized with GS wines at Fish Central Restaurant in London. The wines of the Oltrepadane companies were distinguished and after a few days the owners of GS wines came to Oltrepò for a visit to the two companies. With our work, the excellent products of three PaviaTourism pavement companies have established business relations with the UK and we of Trait d'Union are really proud of the results. We hope a positive trend of growth in the number of companies and pavement products that, by joining the circuit, will help to make cross border know-how. The new course of the PaviaTourism project started under the best auspices. We will gladly welcome other companies who will want to accept the challenge of making known through them the beauties and goodness of the Pavese territory, becoming the main players in the development of the territory.




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