In the Valley: Spas & Castles
In the Valley: Spas & Castles
This short itinerary runs through the territory Pavese. First visit Pavia: From the Middle Ages Pavia is home to one of the oldest Italian universities. The city was conquered in 572 by the Longobards, who chose the capital of their kingdom by the name of Papias. we go to S.Alessio with Vialone whose history dates back to the twelfth century. It was part of the Campaign Sottana of Pavia. In 1512 it was sacked by the Swiss in 1527 by the French. Continuing on our itinerary we arrive at the town of Inverno a tradition that goes back - without foundation - to Hibernate Castra (winter camps Romans). For Inverno was joined in 1872 the town of Monteleone. Finally, we can enjoy a little 'relaxation at the spa Miradolo before moving to Chigwell where we will visit the beautiful castle. Traditions, and especially by the discovery of archaeological finds, it is believed that its territory had been established population since the Stone Age. E 'on the Via Francigena, the road that leads to the Pilgrims to Rome. We go now to Belgaum, the development of which is tied to the castle Along the route you can visit a heronry, the place where nesting species of herons (family Ardeidae) with colonial habits. The heronry is generally made up of a wet forest with marshy terrain, a shrub or a cane.





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